What is SSPIPE ?

SSPIPE is a 3D Plant Design and Piping Software to decide pipe routing in refineries, industrial buildings, commercial complexes, power-plants, chemical-plants, sugar-plants, steel-plants, pharmaceutical-plants and any other process-plant. It is a tool for EPC Contractors who handle turn-key projects, for design offices who design process plants and MEP Consultants.

Useful for: (i) Bill-of-Material from P&IDs (ii) Bill-of-Material from line-routing (iii) Piping Layout Drawings (iv) NTS (Not-to-Scale) Isometrics (v) Neutral files for Stress Analysis Packages (vi) 3D Concept Drawings (to-Scale Isometrics) (vii) Clash check (viii) 3D model for review (ix) Walk-Through and (x) Reports like line-list, nozzle-list, instrument-list, valve-tag-list and connectivity-list from P&IDs

Bill-Of-Material (BOM):

SSPIPE has a very powerful bill-of-material (BOM) feature. It generates piping bill-of-material in no time. SSPIPE has a unique technique by which pipes can be sketched using simple lines. This feature helps designing pipe-routings swiftly. SSPIPE automatically works out quantities of elbows, branches and pipes from these lines. If piping elements such as valves, strainers, gauges are placed on these lines then SSPIPE not only gives count of these items but also automatically counts  the necessary fittings (like flanges, gaskets, nut-bolts, couplings and even welds). On making changes SSPIPE gives differential bill-of-material. SSPIPE can also generate BOM from P&IDs. These bill-of-materials can be consolidated with no efforts. SSPIPE is an excellent estimation tool for Pre-Bid activity.


In SSPIPE, it is simple to model Cable-trays, HVAC Ducts, Pipe-racks and other Structural members along with pipes. Its powerful tools can use existing 2D-plotplans and Equipment-layouts to create a 3D-environment. With this one can quickly start the planning activity with minimal data. SSPIPE is a great planning tool.


SSPIPE generates elegant piping layouts (Piping-GAs) and informative isometrics. Automatic dimensioning and automatic annotations not only saves time but makes drawings accurate. SSPIPE can produce composite layouts with several views (including plan, elevation and section views) combined in one drawing sheet.

Stress Isometrics:

SSPIPE generates isometrics with node-numbering. It also creates neutral-files, which can be read by stress-analysis packages. This saves modeling time, which is otherwise required before analyzing the pipes.

3D-Models for reviews:

Rendered 3D-models generated by SSPIPE are convenient for visualization, reviews and walk-through.